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Getting Non-Partisan Information about Candidates


In 2006, the national League of Women Voters launched VOTE411.org. The site provided non-partisan online voter information about general and state-specific elections. Since its beginning, VOTE411 has been used by approximately 40 million voters. In 2018 alone, over 5 million individuals used the VOTE411.org site. In Henderson County, the numbers of voters who used VOTE411.org increased 236% from the 2018 to the 2020 primaries.

VOTE411.org is the League’s non-partisan voter guide for every candidate in every race in every election.

The League of Women Voters prepares an impartial set of questions for candidates in each race. The questions may cover the candidates’ position on major issues and their priorities for the positions for which they are competing. All candidates for the same position are sent an identical set of questions.

Each candidate enters his or her responses directly into the website. These responses are not edited or revised by the League in any way.

Intensive efforts are made to contact all candidates and encourage them to submit their responses. In addition, each candidate is encouraged to include a photograph, contact information, and a link to his or her campaign website.

Prior to the election, the League will open the website to the public. The Vote411 user then can read about all candidates in a race and do a side-by-side comparison of any two.

After selecting the preferred candidates, the user then can save those choices and print the results to take into the voting booth.

VOTE411.org also provides information about voter registration, absentee ballots, candidate events, polling locations, One Stop voting sites, and voting dates and times.

Enter your address above and press Enter to find voting information personalized for your own location.

Go to the Vote411.org website for additional information. (Will open in a new window)

Candidate Events

Before each election, the League of Women Voters Henderson County hosts candidate events so that voters have the opportunity to listen to the candidates’ ideas and learn their priorities.

These events are completely non-partisan. The League does not endorse, oppose, or support candidates or political parties.

Before participating in an event, the candidate must sign an Ethics Pledge. The Pledge commits the candidate to not engaging in character attacks on his/her opponents and to not using any false statements about his/her opponents in campaign materials. Instead, the candidate pledges to “conduct an informative and issue-oriented campaign.”

A candidate forum provides the opportunity for candidates to appear together. Candidates for different races can appear together at the same forum. Candidates from different political parties must be present for this event to occur. A candidate forum cannot be held if only one candidate per race is present. The order of seating and questions for the candidates are determined by a draw. All candidates are asked the same questions and given the same amount of time to respond. Audience members also have the opportunity to submit written questions to the candidates. Each candidate is allowed a specified number of rebuttals. Each candidate also makes opening and closing remarks. Each candidate signs a Terms of Participation to indicate understanding and acceptance of the forum guidelines.

A Meet and Greet is a more open format and does not require that an opponent for a particular race be present for state or local races. Federal and state races still prefer the presence of more than one candidate. All candidates are invited to attend. No substitutions are allowed for a candidate who cannot attend. Each candidate is given table space to display materials. Voters are invited to attend the Meet and Greet in order to spend time with the candidates whom they need to consider.

To find out about scheduled candidate events, see Events.