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LWVHC Committees and Teams

LWV Henderson County (LWVHC) has a variety of committees and teams that members may join. While teams focus on public policy issues, committees support the operation of the organization. Members decide what they can contribute based on their personal interests, expertise, or time. The best way to get active within the League is to join a team or committee! (Regular team meetings are posted in the meetings calendar; committee meetings scheduled as needed.)

[Below, click person name to see bio; click committee or team to send email for more information or to join.]



The Communications Committee works to promote LWVHC events, maintain the website, post to LWVHC’s social media feeds, produce the bimonthly Update, produce the Annual Report, and increase LWVHC’s visibility in the community.


Liz is a retired tech writer who moved to Hendersonville from Ohio in 2017. Liz has a masters in non-profit management from Regis University (Denver CO) and has held leadership positions in various church and community-based nonprofits. She is new to the League but not to political activism, and appreciates the League's efforts to support the democratic process.

Liz Hill      Communications Chair


The Diversity Team Henderson County has joined the LWVUS and LWVNC in its outreach commitment to support inclusion, diversity, and equity not only in recruiting members but also in educational programming and advocacy events.


Brenda Sherrer joined the League in 2017 and currently serves as Vice President. In addition to serving as LWVHC’s Vice President, she chairs the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Team, and co-chairs the Student Engagement Team. Brenda is a volunteer with the Hendersonville Rescue Mission and the Boys and Girls Club. She is an active member of Immaculate Conception Catholic Church. For over 30 years, Brenda provided strategic planning, career development training and education for Army Civilians and military personnel with the Department of Defense. She retired from the Department of the Army in 2016 and moved to Western North Carolina to golf, hike, kayak, and read more.

Brenda Sherrer      DEI Chair


The Education Team focuses on issues impacting public schools in Henderson County and NC. Some members of this committee observe Henderson County Board of Education meetings.


Brenda Sherrer joined the League in 2017 and currently serves as Vice President. In addition to serving as LWVHC’s Vice President, she chairs the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Team, and co-chairs the Student Engagement Team. Brenda is a volunteer with the Hendersonville Rescue Mission and the Boys and Girls Club. She is an active member of Immaculate Conception Catholic Church.

Brenda Sherrer      Education Team Chair


The League of Women Voters supports the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment. This committee researches the issues, educates the public on the need for the amendment, and advocates for North Carolina to ratify the ERA.


Rachel Poller joined LWV Henderson County five years ago after she and her husband retired to Hendersonville in 2013 from Philadelphia. Having taught ESL in Peace Corps Zaire, Rachel worked for 25 years in the Camden, NJ city schools: seventeen years teaching and eight years supervising the Bilingual Department. Always politically engaged, Rachel has grown to appreciate the League's commitment to nonpartisanship while advocating for political issues. She's an ethical vegan, erstwhile gardener, and respectable duplicate bridge player.

Rachel Poller      ERA Team Chair


The Fair Districts Team works with LWVNC Fair Districts and Fair Districts WNC to get reasonable redistricting reform in place for the 2021 redrawing and end unfair maps in our state. The team works to disseminate information to the public on the urgent need for redistricting reform to support our democracy.


Carol Weaver joined the League of Women Voters in September 2019, drawn by a sense of civic responsibility nurtured in the New York City public school system in the 1960’s. After retiring from a career in property and casualty insurance in 2005, Carol and her husband left the Philadelphia area for the beaches of North Carolina, and later relocated to Hendersonville. She enjoys editing community newsletters, supporting animal welfare organizations and learning about how our state and local governments work.

Carol Weaver      Fair Districts chair


The Finance Committee works with the Treasurer to ensure the fiscal stability of LWVHC. Committee members review financial statements, evaluate expenses, and develop an annual budget.


Ruth is a retired pharmacist and health services researcher with a PhD in Public Health from UNC-Chapel Hill. She has had close ties to Henderson County for nearly 40 years, and has actually lived in the county for the past 12 years. Before that, Ruth lived and worked in many parts of the United States including Texas, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and even Nova Scotia. She joined the LWV Henderson County in 2017 in support of the League's mission of defending democracy and empowering voters. Her other interests include volunteering, cooking, gardening, reading, and quilting.

Ruth Baldwin      Finance Committee Chair


The Home/Observer Team (H/OT) invites you to join us to explore common ground with our elected and appointed officials and to represent LWV at local board and commission meetings that interest you. Please share what you learn and help all of us become more active, informed participants in matters of community, local, state, and national significance.


Ernest Mowell is a retired Deputy US Marshal with an interest in both open government and citizen involvement. He serves on the Board of Directors and currently chairs the Observer Team and Home Team for LWVHC.

Ernest Mowell      Home / Observer Team Chair


The Immigration Team works to educate and advocate in our community on issues such as DACA, hate rhetoric, unaccompanied minor children, human trafficking, and uncertainty of deportations. We work to support our vibrant local immigrant population along with our friends and community partners.


Cynthia Easterling is a retired Courts Services Officer. She managed a division of the NC Administrative Office of the Courts that was responsible for training court personnel and law enforcement in data entry as well as promulgating the forms, rules of recordkeeping and retention schedules used in NC court filings. Her work required extensive travel throughout NC but she has lived in Zirconia since 1982 and raised her family in Henderson County. She joined the LWV in 2018 as a retiree who wants to keep the best Henderson County has to offer while working to improve opportunities for the diverse communities that seek to work and thrive in WNC. Her interests include travel and hiking.

Cynthia Easterling     and

Debi was not politically active before 2016, but since has become intensely interested in the electoral process. What she has learned may be a cliché but that’s because it’s true, Democracy is not a spectator sport. She grew up in Akron, OH and moved to Memphis, TN where she worked as a flight attendant for Northwest Airlines for 25 years. When her son went off to college in 2011, she and her husband moved to Hendersonville in search of adventure, nature and beauty. A believer in giving back, she has always volunteered but is currently working with the Literacy Council, and Guardian ad Litem programs. She loves spending time outdoors with her husband and rescue dogs. She enjoys gardening, cooking, and traveling. Since moving to this artistic area, she’s been inspired to learn quilting and knitting.

Debi Miller      Immigration Team co-chairs


The Membership Committee promotes recruitment and retention of League members. It manages membership databases and hosts new member orientation events.


Linda a proud native of CA, born and raised the San Francisco Bay Area and a graduate of CSU – Sacramento. She was a Human Resources Manager, working for the CA State Assembly before retiring to WNC in September of 2012. She joined the League in 2013 drawn by their commitment to non-partisan political action. She served on the Board as VP, Secretary and t Treasurer along with being Membership Committee Chair and Communications Chair. When not “Empowering Voters or Defending Democracy” you will find her working in her garden, cooking or reading.

Linda Hansma      Membership Committee Chair


The Nominating Committee identifies nominees for election and appointment to the LWVHC Board of Directors. Members of the Nominating Committee are elected at the Annual Meeting.


Sharon has lived in Hendersonville for the past 42 years, arriving from Kathmandu, Nepal, with her husband, and first of two children. She studied in Massachusetts and Washington DC, lived in Michigan, Fiji, and Thailand, always looking for transparency and voter voices in kingdoms, Commonwealth, and democractic governments. After 29 years teaching exceptional education students in the Henderson County Public Schools, she is retired, enjoying swimming/yoga, garden/travel, and grandchildren (Seattle and Boulder). Hearing about The League at her mother’s knee in Rochester, NY, she continues to be eager to share the potential of League study, action, and friendships to build wise, inclusive, communities.

Sharon Burlingame     and

After receiving her Masters in Library Science from Southern Connecticut State College Patti returned to Rochester, New York to assist in managing the family business. While working in Pennsylvania she graduated from the Villanova University Paralegal Certificate program. She worked as a paralegal for over 20 years in Paramus, NJ, Minneapolis, MN, and Roseland, NJ. She retired in 2015 and moved with her husband to Henderson County. Having gained an appreciation for the League’s on-line voter guides, she joined the League of Women Voters Henderson County four years ago becoming active in the Voter Services Team, the 411 Team and the Observer Team.

Patti Rogers      Nominating Committee co-chairs


The Strategic Planning and Governance Committee has formed to ensure that programming, processes, and activities align with the LWVHC annual plan and work toward the goals established and intended outcomes/results.


Nan is a 5th generation Texan, raised in New Orleans, graduated from college in Sewanee, Tennessee but found her heart’s home in Henderson County 46 years ago. She worked at a variety of jobs - paralegal, camp administrator, business owner, caterer - but the most fun was training to be a sommelier and running a restaurant wine program. She has three children, three stepsons, four daughters-in-law, two sons-in-law and is Nana to five only-children grands. She loves her family, travel, wine, genealogy research, and voters rights. A LWV member since 2014, Nan has worked on multiple committees, served as Co-President, and is on the LWVNC Nominating Committee.

Nan Jennings      SPG Committee chair


The Strategic Development Committee designs a fundraising campaign vision, the steps to achieve it, and how this plan reinforces the LWVHC’s mission of Empowering Voters, Defending Democracy.


Liz is a retired tech writer who moved to Hendersonville from Ohio in 2017. Liz has a masters in non-profit management from Regis University (Denver CO) and has held leadership positions in various church and community-based nonprofits. She is new to the League but not to political activism, and appreciates the League's efforts to support the democratic process.

Liz Hill      Strategic Development Committee chair


This team is responsible for outreach to full-time students, 16+ years, to engage them in the work of democracy. To continue to support the vital discussions on societal and political issues that LWV has built its reputation upon, the League needs a membership that is reflective of our communities including new and young people.


Kathy is a retired media buyer who moved to Hendersonville from South Carolina in 2014. She had been active in the League in South Carolina in the 1990s and joined the LWVHC to become involved in the community here. Kathy has served on the Board of Directors and is Co-Chair of the Student Engagement Team. She also serves on the Communications Team and sends out press releases for the League.

Kathy Trice      Student Engagement Team co-chairs


This team works to promote civics education and student participation in the election process by working in coordination with Henderson County Public Schools to have students cast informed on-line votes on candidates and issue questions appropriate to their age levels, K-12, during midterm and Presidential election years. The Students Voting for Democracy team has helped thousands of Henderson County Public School students practice voting in the 2014, 2016 and 2018 elections. The team organizes and prepares for the 23 public schools’ mock elections in the odd-numbered years.


Bettie Liebzeit is a retired educator who grew up in Texas. She and her husband spent 40 plus years in education, in the U.S. (Texas and Michigan) and also in American independent schools abroad. She has lived in Greece, The Netherlands, Indonesia, Germany, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Libya. She taught U.S. history and civics to middle and high school students from over 35 different countries--many of whom wanted an American based education so they could come to the U.S. for advanced education and return home to help instill American values of democracy.

Bettie Liebzeit     and

Linda is a public school advocate. She loved teaching from pre-school to community college levels, and advocated for public schools, the underpinning of our democracy, as a teacher, parent, active PTA member, active School Advisory Team member, school board member, letter-to-the-editor writer, and League member. She joined LWVHC shortly after moving here in 2007. She has observed school board meetings for 12 years, been co-chair of the Observer Team, the local study “Defining Components of a Quality Public Education,” and Students Voting For Democracy. She has volunteered at Bruce Drysdale and Hillandale Elementary for many years. Linda loves public schools and she loves League!

Linda Miller      SVFD co-chairs


The Voter Services Committee organizes voter registrations, develops nonpartisan voter guides, educates voters about the election process, and hosts candidate forums in the community. Some of the committee members observe public meetings of the Henderson County Board of Elections.


Originally from Brookyn, NY, Caren taught English at a high school in upstate NY and a community college in southern California before moving to Hendersonville in 1979. She was originally hired by Blue Ridge Community College to develop the literacy council. In 1981 she began teaching English and developmental reading at BRCC and continued to do that until 2016, when she retired. At that time she joined the LWV with an interest in voter services. She also volunteers with the Housing Assistance Corporation and the food pantry at the Interfaith Assistance Ministry. She enjoys reading, trying out new recipes, traveling, and playing mah jongg.

Caren Kessler      Voter Services Chair

Propose A New Committee Or Team

 The Board of Directors forms new committees to work to support the LWVHC. With the approval of the Board, members may form a new committee to work on an issue that supports a League policy position. Contact the President for more information. Please review League policy positions. The project proposal form can serve as a useful guide for getting started.