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Equal Rights Amendment

The League of Women Voters US supported the passing of the Equal Rights Amendment legislation in 1972 and continues to support the ongoing ratification phase. This ratification requires 38 states to approve an amendment before it is sent on for Congressional approval for addition to the Constitution.  Currently we are one state short.  The LWVHC ERA Committee continues to research the issues, educate the public on the need for the amendment, and advocate for North Carolina to ratify the ERA in the General Assembly in 2019. For further information or to join this committee or be part of the ERA NC Alliance Action Team in Henderson County, please contact the ERA Team chair by email or 828-606-5201. (LWVHC is one of 19 groups in the ERA NC Alliance.)


See this brief Youtube video "Equal Means Equal"


ERA:What Happens Now?

LWVUS created a blog post explaining the back ground and next steps for the Equal Rights Amendment now that Virginia became the 38th state to ratify the amendment.  Leagues are encouraged to use this resource to field questions about the ERA's next steps.




Resolution for ERA Alliance

LWVHC Board approved this Resolution in support of NC ratifying the ERA on February 21, 2019.

ERA Bill Support Breaks Record

Read about it HERE

Take Action Today!

Call your legislator to request ERA bill come to the floor of the NC General Assembly during this legislative session.  For contact info, see Here.


Spring 2019 ACTION UPDATE: Click Here