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Registering To Vote

You must be 18 years old or older, a US citizen, and a resident of North Carolina. (If you are 17 years old, you may register to vote if you will be 18 by the time of the next General Election.)

You can print a voter registration application (download here)  and mail it to the Henderson County Board of Elections. You may also register to vote at the Division of Motor Vehicles or at public assistance agencies.

The voter registration deadline is 25 days prior to an election. Or, you can do same-day registration during the one-stop early voting period and immediately cast your ballot.

You may need to update your voter registration if your address, name, party affiliation, or other information has changed since the last election.

You can do a quick voter search on the Board of Elections website to find out if you are already registered and to see if your voter information is up to date.

Voter Identification Required

A Constitutional amendment was passed to require identification when people go to vote but the details of the legislation are still being decided.


Polling Places And Absentee Mail-In Ballots

The Henderson County Board of Elections provides information about polling places. You can also use the NC Board of Elections voter lookup tool to locate your voting information which includes your election day polling place.

Any eligible Henderson County resident may vote at any of the early voting locations in the county.

Yes, any registered voter may use a mail-in absentee ballot. You can request an absentee ballot from the Henderson County Board of Elections. Be mindful of the deadlines for requesting and submitting an absentee ballot.

Preparing To Vote

We have an election of some kind every year. In any given year there is an election which may include municipal and county officials, school board members, state legislators, council of state members, judges, governor, US representatives and senators, US president, and others. Fortunately, we don't elect them all in the same year. The Henderson County Board of Elections provides a calendar of upcoming elections.

The races on your ballot will depend on the voting district in which you live. Use the voter lookup tool to see your voting jurisdiction and see your sample ballot. The League of Women Voters' site can help you create a personal ballot.

When you register to vote, you have the option to affiliate with a particular political party, e.g., Republican or Democrat. If you choose to remain unaffiliated, in North Carolina you still have the opportunity to vote in the primary election. You may choose a primary election ballot for either one of the two parties, or you may request a nonpartisan ballot which includes only nonpartisan contests, e.g.referenda, some judges, etc. 

The League of Women Voters' site compares many candidates' positions side-by-side. For some local elections, LWV-Henderson Co. develops nonpartisan voter guides and sponsors candidate forums. Watch our website and Facebook page for information related to local elections.

Henderson County Early Voting (October 17 through November 3, 2018)

Visit the Henderson County Board of Elections website.

Any eligible Henderson County voter may vote at any Henderson County early voting location.

Yes. Eligible individuals may register and vote during the early voting period.   Notice to Same-Day Registrants here.

College students may register to vote in the county/state of their home address or in the county/state where they are attending college. Learn about Election Day, absentee by-mail, and early voting options for college students here.

No. Changes to party affiliation cannot be made during the early voting period.

Check your voter registration status.

Lines are generally not long during the first days of early voting. Voting lines are the longest on the final 3 days of early voting.

No. Your vote will be counted on Election Day along with the ballots cast that day at the polling places.

Yes, and it is easy. (Watch a video explaining how easy it is.)