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DEI: LWVHC Programs and Events through a DEI Lens

 Our DEI Policy is the framework upon which all our programs are created. However, we have committed to create programs that help us understand ourselves, our belief system, and our feelings about the "other" so that our actions will reflect changes in our behavior: how we think, feel and act toward those who do not share our worldview. It is imperative that we know ourselves before we engage our community. Many of us believe that we are living in a meritocracy, deserving of what we have and compassionate toward those with less. But that is not true: white people have been given a head start and ongoing advantages due to the color of their skin, while people of color suffer from equally arbitrary disadvantages, says scholar and activist Peggy McIntosh. She explains what led her to recognize her privilege — and how it can be used by those with power to ensure a fairer life for others. 

Please follow this link to a TED Talk by Peggy McIntosh and be prepared to share your thoughts during the discussion.

Register HERE to be part of the November 30th discussion. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Time: 4:30 PM      Location: Via Zoom





The Alice Group -" Is Political News Bad for Your Well-Being?


This topic will be led by former LWVHC Member, Debi Miller.

Before the meeting on December 10th  please read the following  article (but join us in any case):

 Political News & Well Being

If you have access to Netflix, watch the documentary "The Social Dilemma" for additional insights.

Register for the Zoom meeting HERE. After registering, you will receive an confirmation email containing  information about joining the meeting. 

Time: 3:00 PM      Location: Virtual via Zoom




Our Community, Our Police

"Final Program"

this is the Fifth of a series of educational programs on policing in NC. The virtual program will include information about the oversight of North Carolina law enforcement departments. 

Register HERE After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Here is a link the the 4th Police Program program found on the LWV - North Carolina YouTube channel.


Time: 7:00 PM