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Coffee & Tea with the League   –   March 22, 2023
LWVHC welcomed spring---albeit on a rainy day---with a rousing "coffee and tea" discussion at the Coop. Veteran members shared inspiring stories and information about local league history and advocacy opportunities with new and prospective members.

Coffee and Tea with the League   –   February 21, 2023
We've begun to hold monthly gatherings, different times and different days, to socialize and fill each other in on what's been happening. Please join us! Look for more info in the biweekly Update.

Immigration Team Program   –   February 16, 2023
LWVHC Immigration Team program, "Exploring the Landscape of Immigrant Employment in Henderson County: Opportunities and Dilemmas," provided attendees with an in-depth look at employment and the role of immigrants in the County and the effect of national immigration policies on local employment. Panelists shared information and insights and answered numerous questions from the 60+ attendees.

left Christopher Just, Farmworker Regional Educator, Henderson COunty Extension; center Marcella Lesher Immigration Team Chair; right, Bert Lemkes, General Manager Tri-Hishtil LLC

LWVHC Program: Henderson County Public Schools Superintendent Mark Garrett   –   January 23, 2023
Recently-appointed School District Superintendent Mark Garrett provided League and community members alike with a detailed overview of the School District. After sharing his background in and values about education, Mr. Garrett presented facts and figures about the District from curriculum to funding to staffing---all of which are coordinated to make HC Schools among the best in the state. He concluded his presentation by answering audience questions.

Nonpartisanship in School Board Elections   –   January 18, 2023
LWVHC took on the issue of transparency at County Commission meetings when an important proposed Resolution regarding changing School Board elections from nonpartisan to partisan races was placed in a Consent Agenda and which allowed for no public input. Board and Education Team members rose to the occasion calling on Commissioners to remove the item from the agenda until further information was available and discussion was permitted. Turnout at the meeting was large, and the press covered the issue. Commissioners voted to remove the item and place it on the February agenda where public comment will be permitted.

Holiday Party 2022   –   December 11, 2022
Veteran and new members alike enjoyed an afternoon holiday celebration at the Carriage Park Clubhouse. Along with scrumptious treats, decorations, slide show, and music, we shared stories of a variety of holiday traditions. It was a great opportunity to catch up with old League friends and make new ones. League leaders, Brenda Sherrer and Nancy Pellegrini, delivered 232 pounds of food which members donated to Interfaith Assistance Ministry (IAM) on Monday morning.

School Board Candidate Forum   –   October 8, 2022
About 50 people attended the Henderson County School Board forum at City Operations Building which LWVHC hosted. The four candidates who participated were Shelia Dale, Jay Egolf, Mary Ellen Kustin, and Eric Parlow. LWVHC Board member and retired Social Studies teacher, Paul Goebel, moderated the forum.

Students Voting For Democracy Fall 2022   –   October 7, 2022
Henderson County Public Schools and LWVHC provide every student, grade K-12, with an opportunity to learn about the democratic process and practice voting through our Students Voting For Democracy (SVFD) biannual program.

Sticker Party
SVFD Lobby Photo
Etowah Elementary School

Sticker Party

Sticker Party

Sticker Party

Sticker Party

CANDIDATE MEET & GREET   –   October 1, 2022
As Hurricane Ian swept by Henderson County, LWVHC hosted a Meet & Greet at Patton Park pavilion. Those who attended appreciated the opportunity to speak with candidates individually.

Voter Information/Registrations and VOTE411   –   September 17, 2022
LWVHC held a number of voter information and registration events in Henderson County during the fall of 2022 as well as our VOTE411 initiative. Turnout and enthusiasm in support of an informed electorate were energizing to volunteers and visitors alike. We placed more than 100 yard signs throughout the county as well as our latest addition: a large, 2-sided 411 banner.

National Voter Registration Day 9/17/22

Blue Ridge Community College

Farmers' Market 9/24/22

Johnson Family Farm

banner installation at the YMCA on 6th Ave West
Unitarian Universalist Church
banner installation at Unitarian Universalist Church
Unitarian Universalist Church
Unitarian Universalist Church

National Voter Registration Day 9/17/22

VOTE411 banner at Johnson Family Farm

Spartanburg Highway

"The Lightning" ad in the Election Edition

Apple Festival 2022   –   September 5, 2022
Voter Services team organized and staffed our LWVHC biannualbooth at the Apple Festival. 79 people registered with the greatest number on the rainy day: 38. 14 people signed up to get more information about the league The future voter stickers were a hit with the little ones!

Apple Pie & Ice Cream Social   –   August 28, 2022
League members were delighted to spend time together reconnecting in-person and welcoming both new and interested community members. Team and committee members shared important info and encouraged all to join and stay active.

Honoring 1st Woman's Suffrage Association   –   May 22, 2022
LWV Asheville-Buncombe celebrated the installation of a roadside marker honoring Helen Morris Lewis, President of the the 1st Women's Suffrage Association of NC. LWVNC President, Jo Nicholas, was among the speakers, and LWVHC members attended the celebration.

Guardian Ad Litem Program   –   May 10, 2022
LWVHC hosted an informative program at the Co-op about Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) and the need for volunteers. North Carolina Guardian ad Litem Program has been serving abused and neglected children for more than 30 years. Program Director Melani Leinhart encouraged Leaguers to volunteer to support positive outcomes for children suffering from abuse and neglect.

Spring Student Video Contest   –   April 26, 2022
LWVHC sponsored an Earth Day video contest for Middle School students. First prize went to Ari Nichols at Rugby Middle School; second prize to two, tied entries, also from Rugby Middle School, Aunica Tomlinson and the duo of Lauren Koch and Khloe Labruno; and third place went to Caleb Marshall at Flat Rock Middle School. In collaboration with the Henderson County public and private schools, the contest invited participants to create original, short videos clearly and creatively informing how we can all do our part to keep our county clean.

Saying Farewell to Leaguer, Linda Miller   –   April 25, 2022
At an Education Team meeting on 4/21, and then at the Co-op on 4/25, Leaguers thanked Linda Miller for her dedication, hard work, and her accomplishments in supporting HC schools, students, and staff and our Students Voting For Democracy program.

Board of Elections Recognition   –   April 12, 2022
On April 12, Leagues across the United States thanked their local Board of Elections staff for their dedication in ensuring that every eligible voter can vote in a secure and comfortable environment. We delivered our thanks to our local election heroes that morning.

Karen Hebb and fellow BOE staff

We can't thank our BOEs enough!

Spring Voter Registration Events   –   March 29, 2022
The Voter Services Team is sponsoring numerous voter registration events in 2022. Volunteers not only register new voters but also provide general and complete information about NC elections and the League of Women Voters.

Hendersonville High School 3/29/22
Hendersonville High School 3/29

Hendersonville High School 3/29

Boys & Girls Club 3/30

Blue Ridge Humane Society 4/4

Blue Ridge Community College 4/6

Sherman's on Main St 4/9

Blue Ridge Community College 4/6

Boys & Girls Club 3/30

Boys & Girls Club 3/30

Boys & Girls Club 3/30

Blue Ridge Humane Society 4/4

Exploring County Government: How You Can Participate   –   March 22, 2022
County Manager, John Mitchell, spoke to League members and the public at the Main Library about Henderson County government and how citizens can be more involved. He shared insights from his own career as well as current concerns in the County from how to spend American Rescue Plan funds to the 2045 Comprehensive Plan.

THE ROAD TO CITIZENSHIP: Lunch & Learn Hendersonville Co-op   –   February 22, 2022
The Immigration Team hosted speakers: LWVHC member Marcella Lesher, Claudia Yepez, a naturalized citizen, and America Moreno Jimenez, a DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) recipient. The program promoted awareness of the many steps and challenges of applying for citizenship.

Alice Group   –   February 10, 2022
The Alice Group, named for Alice Paul, meets monthly to discuss political issues. Come join us! See the Update calendar to register.

VOTER SUPPRESSION Program via Zoom   –   February 8, 2022
Dr. Ashley Moraquez, Political Science Associate Professor at UNC Asheville, spoke to 98 attendees and answered questions about the kinds of activities often called "voter suppression"---from required photo IDs to voter roll purges to gerrymandering.

Holiday Party   –   December 12, 2021
League members and guests shared holiday cheer at the Carriage Park Clubhouse. Attendees socialized, enjoyed delicious appetizers and scrumptious cookies, and chose among "donation" ornaments to contribute to Hendersonville Rescue Mission and Children and Family Resource Center.

State of Education Henderson County   –   December 7, 2021
Henderson County Superintendent, Dr. John Bryant, spoke to League members and public alike on the state of pre K-12 public education in Henderson County. Attendees were inspired, enlightened, and informed during his presentation at the Kaplan Auditorium, Hendersonville Main Library.

2021 Student Video Contest   –   November 15, 2021
Presentation to the winners of our 2021 Student Video Contest. First prize: Wilson Mayo, senior at Hendersonville High School. Second prize, team effort by Elijah Dugdale and Cyrus Hardin. In collaboration with the Henderson County Public Schools, the contest invited participants to create original, short videos clearly and creatively informing on environmental issues of concern.

Brenda Video Winner
President Brenda Sherrer awards Wilson Mayo First Prize.

Candidate Meet & Greet   –   October 9, 2021
LWVHC hosted a meet & greet where constituents had an opportunity to speak with candidates running in every Henderson County municipal election. Over 75 people attended.

Fall 2021 Voter Services Events   –   September 14, 2021
Our Voter Services team was on the move this election season, registering voters and providing voter information at several locations: Hendersonville YMCA, Blue Ridge Community College (BRCC) Brevard and Flat Rock Campuses, and Hendersonville Farmers' Market.

Hendersonville YMCA welcome week, Sept. 13-16, 2021

Hendersonville YMCA welcome week, Sept. 13-16, 2021

Reaching students at BRCC Brevard

At BRCC Brevard

YMCA Welcome Week

YMCA Welcome Week
Train Depot Farmers' Market 10/2/21
Train Depot Farmers' Market 10/2/21
Train Depot Farmers' Market 10/2/21
Train Depot Farmers' Market 10/2/21

Hendersonville Farmers' Market 9/18/21

BRCC Flat Rock

BRCC Flat Rock

BRCC Flat Rock

BRCC Flat Rock

Lynn at the Oct 2 Farmers Market
Train Depot Farmers' Market 10/2/21
Train Depot Farmers' Market 10/2/21
Train Depot Farmers' Market 10/2/21
Train Depot Farmers' Market 10/2/21

Hendersonville Farmers' Market 9/18/21

BRCC Flat Rock

BRCC Flat Rock

BRCC Flat Rock 9/17/21

Hendersonville YMCA welcome week, Sept. 13-16, 2021

Hendersonville YMCA welcome week, Sept. 13-16, 2021

Candidate Meet and Greet   –   September 13, 2021
The League provided a place for voters to meet the candidates for Hendersonville City Council Primary Election, slated for Oct. 5 2021. More than 50 people were in attendance.

LWVHC Presidents Discussion   –   September 10, 2021
A gathering of Great Minds! LWVHC President, Brenda Sherrer, introduced herself and appreciated wisdom offered from past presidents. Past President, Lee Luebbe, hosted the gathering which took place at Carolina Village. Other past presidents who were there: Marian Lowry, Judy Katz, Nan Jennings, Sharon Burlingame, Renee Kumor, Rachel Poller, Grace Poli, Marion Huffman, Barbara Volk, and Acee Hughes.

Kick-Off Social Event   –   August 29, 2021
LWVHC members and community members celebrated the opening of another League year at Patton Park. Attendees enjoyed the opportunity to spend time together in person while learning what LWVHC is planning for this year.

ANNUAL MEETING & Preceding Events 2021   –   June 17, 2021
Some candid shots from our virtual Annual Meeting where the year's accomplishments were celebrated, volunteers thanked, and business attended to. For detailed info, see: Resources---Member Tools---Other Member Resources---Annual Meeting Booklet 2021.

Rachel & Brenda
Rachel passing gavel to Brenda
Brenda & Rachel

newly-elected President, Brenda Sherrer, presents Francee Sherman Award to Allison Caskey

Garden Jubilee   –   May 31, 2021
Volunteers provided voter information at Raymond's and McConnell's during Garden Jubilee weekend.

Day of Action on Main Street   –   May 1, 2021
Board members meet the public to distribute information and register voters.

Students Voting for Democracy Team Meetings   –   March 24, 2021
The SVFD planning team doesn’t miss a beat! Here are photos of their last 2020 meeting heading into the COVID blues... and emerging triumphant and ready to work again!

SVFD 2020
Stalwarts Renee Kumor, Sharon Burlingame, and Bette Liebzeit
2021 SVFD Meetin
Masked and ready to roll!
2021 SVFD

December Specials!   –   December 20, 2020
LWVHC at work and at play: we held a mini-retreat for Board members and Team and Committee chairs, purchased flashy, new banners for Voter Services events, and celebrated the holiday season together.

Students Voting For Democracy (SVFD) 2020   –   November 3, 2020
Henderson County Public School students grades K-12 participated in a mock election. Students voted for candidates as well as on issues that were designed appropriate for grade level. Students attending school virtually were able to submit online, absentee ballots!


Students Voting for Democracy at East Henderson High School   –   October 23, 2020
Emma Gilliam, LWVHC member and EHHS Senior Class President says: Thanks to everyone for putting SFVD together! At my school, East Henderson, it was a lot of fun! We made Friday the school wide education/VOTE411 research day as well as showing part of the School board forum video and Monday was school wide voting and patriotic spirit day. It was a great success! Here are some more pictures from East."


VOTE411 Fall 2020   –   October 1, 2020
LWVHC promotes GOTV and informed voting via VOTE411 through yard signs, billboards, advertisements, and flyers.

6th Ave West

South Rugby & Broyles Rd

Electronic billboard I-26

Billboard on 4 Seasons Blvd

64 West entering Etowah

N. Main St

Upward & Orchard Rds

5th Ave West

Main Library Display Case

Main Library

Bradley Road

5th & White Pine

Haywood Rd

Brevard Rd & Blythe St

64 Horseshoe

2020 Voter Registrations: July/August/September   –   August 1, 2020
LWVHC Voter Services remains undaunted in the face of pandemic! Registration events are a huge hit throughout the summer and fall including at farmers' markets, Main St, churches, breweries, and parks.

Saluda Food Pantry

Interfaith Assistance Ministry IAM

Diaper Drive Through

7th Ave Depot

7th Ave Depot

Blue Ridge Health

Oklawaha Brewery

Blue Ridge Health


Mills River
Voter Registration at farmers Market
Henderson County Tailgate Market

Blue Ghost Brewery

Main Street, Hendersonville
Burning Blush voter reg
Burning Blush Brewery

Smiley's Flea Market

Main Street, Hendersonville

Hendersonville Rescue Mission

Southern Appalachian Brewery

Bill Moore Community Park

Upward Road neighborhood event

Upward Road neighborhood event

Upward Road neighborhood event

Union Grove Baptist Church

Etowah United Methodist Church

Hendersonville Community Co-op

Blue Ridge Community College—Brevard Campus

Flat Rock Park

Interfaith Assistance Ministry IAM

LWVHC Board Retreat   –   July 23, 2020
We held our 2020 Board Retreat at the perfect venue: our respective homes! On July 23 Board members explored the concept of intersectionality and then discussed League responsibilities and priorities along with programs for the next 3 months. In the afternoon, team and committee chairs joined in for additional discussion and a preview of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion plan.

Board +Team

LWVHC Virtual Membership Meeting   –   June 19, 2020
The League of Women Voters Henderson County (LWVHC) held its first virtual Membership Meeting with over 40 members logging in to Zoom. Due to Covid-19, members were treated to an online review of the League’s accomplishments and then took care of organizational business and voting via electronic polls. After President Rachel Poller welcomed attendees and gave a mini-lesson in zooming, Rabbi Rachael Jackson of Agudas Israel inspired the group with her speech: “Life and Voting Are Interdisciplinary.” 

Core Values
Group 3

"All Things Voting" Program February 27, 2020   –   February 27, 2020
LWVHC held its February Program, All Things Voting, at the Main Library. Following some history of the League's founding 100 years ago, moderator Paul Goebel described the significance of the 1965 Voting Rights Act. Karen Hebb, Director of the Board of Elections, discussed election security and technology followed by Vice-President, Ernest Mowell, on the importance of the census and Asheville activist, Ron Katz, on the vital need for fair voting districts. About 40 community members attended.

Attendees 1
attendees 2
attendees 3
Kathy & Brenda
LWV members
Prez with banner
Karen Hebb
Ron Katz
Paul Goebel
Banner with Rachel

League of Women Voters 100th Anniversary   –   February 19, 2020
At the Henderson County Board of Commissioners meeting, about 15 LWVHC members attended to hear Commissioner Rebecca McCall read a tribute to League of Women Voters on our one hundredth anniversary and to the 19th Amendment on its hundredth year giving women the right to vote. Rachel addressed the Board and summarized all that our league does for Henderson County to help empower voters and defend democracy.

"Due Process or Not? First Hand Observations."   –   January 16, 2020
League member Lee Luebbe and El Centro Board member, Gayle Kemp, reported on their visit to Stewart Detention Center in Lumpkin, GA. More than 50 League and community members gathered at Agudas Israel Synagogue where they learned about the conditions facing ICE detainees and their rights as well as facts and figures regarding private, for-profit prisons.

Immigration Team
Kim & Rachel
Speaker table
Meeting space
Immigration team
Debi & LWV members
Immigration Team
Lee and Gayle
Aloha at desk
Attorney George Pappas
Rabbi Bentley
Gayle Kemp
Rachel & Alice
Bobby King

Holiday Party   –   December 8, 2019
League members and guests rang in the Holiday season with a festive gathering at the Carriage Park Clubhouse. We shared many delicious goodies, made new friends and caught up with others. Six former LWVHC presidents were there! And, we collected about 50 books to deliver to the children in Headstart at WCCA.


Civics Education in the Public Schools Program   –   November 21, 2019
Assistant Superintendent of Henderson County Public Schools Jan King and Henderson County School Board member Rick Wood engaged LWVHC members and community members with their presentation and follow-up discussion of civics education in the public schools

Part Three of The Immigration Series - FACT vs FICTION   –   November 14, 2019
The League of Women Voters Henderson County along with several community organizations held its third in its 3-part series on Immigration,  FACT vs. FICTION, at Immaculate Conception Church. The topic addressed was The Myth of Economics/Crime. LWVHC member and Immigration Team chair, Lee Luebbe, moderated and introduced the panelists: Bert Lemkes, General Manager, Tri-Histil; Corey Atkins, VIce-President of Public Policy and General Counsel fo the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce; Efren Vintimillia, local banker; and Sheriff Lowell Griffin and Major Frank Stout of the Henderson County Sheriff's Department.  The speakers all shared compelling information and data regarding the issues and impacts of undocumented immigrants on the economy of WNC. About 90 community members attended and asked numerous questions.

LWVHC Library Display   –   October 24, 2019
Be sure to stop by the library anytime during the month of November to check out the LWVHC display!

Linda Miller putting the finishing touches to the LWVHC Library Display

Climate and Energy Saving: What Can We Do?   –   October 17, 2019
Katie Breckheimer, MountainTrue board member and Esther Cunningham award winner, and Brad Rouse, executive director Energy Saver Network, provided compelling evidence of the need for a "climate revolution" through cultural, political, economic, and technological change and suggestions for each of us to make it happen.

Part Two of The Immigration Series - FACT vs FICTION   –   October 10, 2019
The League of Women Voters Henderson County along with several community organizations held its second in its 3-part series on Immigration,  FACT vs. FICTION, on Thursday, October 10, at Immaculate Conception Church. The topic addressed was "The Myth of Just Get In Line." Ollie Bunch, Convener of the Immigration Network of Henderson County, introduced the 3 panelists: Jacob Oakes, lawyer with Pisgah Legal; and Claudia Yepez and Areli Perez-Nava, immigrants who shared their personal stories in their paths to citizenship.  About 100 community members attended and asked numerous questions.

Candidate Meet & Greet   –   October 7, 2019
Council and Mayoral Candidates from Henderson County municipalities Flat Rock, Fletcher, Mills River, Laurel Park and Hendersonville met their constituents to discuss issues.

Sharon & Madeline
Sharon Madeline & Rachel
Shelton, Mcclurg & Nan
room view
meet & greet
Patti & candidates

2019 LWVHC Voter Registration Events   –   September 17, 2019

Constitution Day event at BRCC
Constitution Day event at BRCC
Constitution Day Event at BRCC
Constitution Day event at BRCC
Constitution Day Event at BRCC
Constitution Day event at BRCC

YMCA Voter Registration Event 9/19/19

YMCA Voter Registration Event 9/19/19

YMCA Voter Registration Event 9/19/19

Farm City Day - 10/6/19

Farm City Day 10/6/19

Women's Suffrage and the 19th Amendment   –   September 17, 2019
Board member, retired history teacher, and raconteur Paul Goebel engaged participants with the background of the passage of the 19th amendment within the historical context of reform movements in the United States.

Immigration 101 - Facts vs Fiction   –   September 12, 2019
Informative session on Immigration last week, attended by 86 people, who heard panelists speak on the "Myth of Duplicated Services".

Ernest Mowell & Lee Luebbe
room view
panel view

Annual Launch   –   August 25, 2019
While enjoying cookies and lemonade, new and veteran LWVHC members as well as guests toured our website and learned about and signed up to join any number of our many teams and committees. So while you're here on our website, please get to know us better by browsing and then email and/or join us!!

State School Voucher Program   –   August 15, 2019
At oOur August 15th Lunch and Learn, Bonnie Bechard, LWV Dare County member and retired UNC Administrator, presented on tax dollars for private school vouchers and the need for transparency and accountability in evaluating schools that receive funding.

Redistricting What Happens Now?   –   August 10, 2019
Over 140 people crowded the Kaplan Auditorium of the Hendersonville Library to learn about gerrymandering and fair redistricting. Co-sponsored by LWVHC and 8 other nonprofits, Redistricting: What Happens Now was a panel discussion featuring Representative Chuck McGrady, Senator Terry Van Duyn, and Asheville-based computational geographer and consultant, Blake Esselstyn. Panelists presented the nuts and bolts of gerrymandering and fair redistricting as well as in-depth information on the current status of proposed bills in the legislature and the impact of the redistricting lawsuit now in the NC courts. In response to audience questions, the panelists agreed that arriving at a policy for fair redistricting in NC will probably occur incrementally and that now is an opportune time for a bill to come forward.

Annual Luncheon Gala   –   June 21, 2019
Annual Luncheon Gala June 21 Grand Ole Hall Highland Lake Flat Rock Over 90 members, guests, and visitors attended our annual meeting/celebration of the year's accomplishments. Jane Pinsky, Director, of NC Coalition for Lobbying & Government Reform, spoke of the vital need for fair districting. Awards for community and student leadership were presented to Jan King, Asst Superintendent of HCPS, and Taylor Calloway, recent graduate of North High School. Almost $2,500 was raised in our silent auction/raffle fundraiser.

2019 LWVHC Student Leader Award   –   June 11, 2019
Senior and League member Taylor Calloway received the LWVHC Student Leader Award for academic excellence and dedication to LWV Mission at Senior Awards Ceremony at North Henderson High School.

LWVNC Convention May 17th - 19th   –   May 17, 2019
12 LWVHC members attended the 37th LWVNC Biennial Convention in Chapel Hill May 17th-19th where we were honored with the Outstanding Local League Award. Mayor Barbara Volk was parliamentarian; Brenda Sherrer presented on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and Lee Luebbe and Judy Katz were recognized for their LWVNC contributions as coach and state Board member, respectively. Convention speakers included LWVUS CEO Virginia Kase and Allison Riggs, attorney from Southern Coalition for Social Justice, who represented the LWVNC in front of SCOTUS on gerrymandering.

May Program Planning Meeting   –   May 16, 2019
After reviewing our League mission and process, members brainstormed general direction and specific programs for 2019-2020. Members also ratified the Board's recommendation to incorporate.

ERA Advocacy   –   May 6, 2019
ERA Team members and NC ERA Alliance speak out for ERA ratification at County Commissioners Meeting on May 6, 2019

Oklawaha Greenway Program   –   April 18, 2019
LWVHC member Suzanne Hale, President of Friends of the Oklawaha Greenway, updated attendees on Henderson County's Greenway Master Plan and led a short walk.

OK Greenway
OK Greenway
OK Greenway
OK Greenway
OK Greenway
OK Greenway
OK Greenway
OK Greenway
OK Greenway

Observer Team Social & Share   –   March 21, 2019
While enjoying the views and tasting at Appalachian Ridge Artisan Hard Cider, Observer Team and guests shared experiences and insights on observing local boards in action. The Team is growing, and the barn buzzed with our enthusiasm over the vital role of those who observe. Taking photos totally slipped our minds!

Sunshine Week: Your Right to Know Lunch & Learn   –   March 14, 2019
Observer Team sponsored Angie Newsome, "Carolina Public Press," and Bill Moss, "The Hendersonville Lightning," who led an informative discussion on Open Records Laws in NC and media and individual access to public information.

A Discussion of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion   –   February 21, 2019
Recognizing the dynamic process of DEI, attendees saw the tension between how we define DEI and how we talk, act, and think and how motivation, mindset, methods and measure inform the DEI discussion.


Human Trafficking Lunch & Learn   –   January 24, 2019
Along with facts and figures, FBI presenters provided hands-on advice for addressing Human Trafficking in our community and personally

Human Traf 4
Human Traf 3

Program Planning Meeting   –   January 17, 2019
Along with enjoying our snowed-out holiday social, delectables, and pre-school book collection, members took the opportunity to learn about and prioritize state positions on issues.

Program Planning 3
Program Planning 4
Program Planning 5
Program Planning 6
Program Planning 7

ERA Lunch & Learn   –   November 15, 2018
After watching the recent video, "Legalizing Equality," attendees heard from NC ERA Alliance how we can support the upcoming bill to ratify in NC legislature.

Nancy ERA

LWVHC Display at the Library   –   November 1, 2018
LWVHC made a display case splash at the Main Library during November.

Library Display Case

School Board Candidate Forum   –   October 16, 2018
Candidates provided thoughtful answers to questions on educational issues facing Henderson County.

Rachel, Nan and Caren
Crowd 2

Open World   –   October 12, 2018
Our 6 Ukrainian guests spent a whirlwind week exploring technology and education with the warmth and guidance of our volunteer host families and local professionals.

Brenda and Delegate

Candidate Forum   –   September 25, 2018
Standing Room Only didn't hinder candidates or attendees from engaging in a lively exchange of ideas on issues critical to NC and Henderson County.

What's on the Ballot   –   September 20, 2018
With co-sponsorship and information provided by DemocracyNC, attendees got the nitty-gritty on the NC Constitutional amendments on the November ballot.

Candidate Meet & Greet   –   September 13, 2018
Every candidate on the ballot was invited to participate, and attendees took the opportunity to speak one to one with candidates.

Apple Festival   –   September 1, 2018
Hundreds of thousands of visitors had the opportunity to stop by, register to vote, and get information at our LWVHC booth staffed by Voter Services Team. Marching in the parade was an additional treat for us!

Apple Festival 2
Apple Festival 1
Apple Festival parade

What's Cooking   –   August 26, 2018
Our August social started off the year with rock painting, apple pie and ice cream, and an opportunity to get engaged.