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LWVHC Committees and Teams

LWV Henderson County (LWVHC) has a variety of committees members may join. Some committees focus on public policy issues while others support the operation of the organization. Members decide what they can contribute based on their personal interests, expertise, or time. The best way to get active within the League is to join a committee! (Regular team meetings are posted in the meetings calendar.)



The League of Women Voters was established in 1920 and will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2020. The Centennial Team is conducting historical research and planning events for that year. For more information or to join this team, contact the Centennial Team chair.



The Communications Committee works to promote LWVHC events, maintain the website, post to LWVHC’s social media feeds, produce the quarterly Bulletin and bimonthly Update, produce the Annual Report, and increase LWVHC’s visibility in the community. For more information or to join this committee, contact the Communications Team chair.



The Diversity Team Henderson County has joined the LWVUS and LWVNC in its outreach commitment to support inclusion, diversity, and equity not only in recruiting members but also in educational programming and advocacy events.  For more information or to join this team, contact the DEI Team chair.



The Education Team focuses on issues impacting public schools in Henderson County and NC. Some members of this committee observe Henderson County Board of Education meetings. For more information or to join this committee, contact the Education Team chair.



The League of Women Voters supports the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment. This committee researches the issues, educates the public on the need for the amendment, and advocates for North Carolina to ratify the ERA. For more information or to join this committee, contact the ERA Team chair.



The Finance Committee works with the Treasurer to ensure the fiscal stability of LWVHC. Committee members review financial statements, evaluate expenses, and develop an annual budget. For more information or to join this committee, contact the Finance Committee chair.



The Home Team works to develop ongoing relationships with elected officials representing Henderson County by providing officials with information about the LWVHC and then contacting them to advocate on issues which the LWVHC supports.  For more information or to join the Home Team, contact the Home Team chair.



The Immigration Team works to educate and advocate in our community on issues such as DACA, hate rhetoric, unaccompanied minor children, human trafficking, and uncertainty of deportations.  We work to support our vibrant local immigrant population along with our coalition partners, Pisgah Legal Services, the Immigration Network, El Centro and the Henderson County Voters Coalition. For more information or to join the Immigration Team, contact the Immigration Team chair.



The Membership Committee promotes recruitment and retention of League members. It manages membership databases and hosts new member orientation events. For more information or to join this committee, contact the Membership Committee chair.



The Nominating Committee identifies nominees for election and appointment to the LWVHC Board of Directors. Members of the Nominating Committee are elected at the Annual Meeting. For more information, contact the Nominating Committee chair.



The League's Observer Team is dedicated to promoting government transparency and accountability. LWVHC Observer Team members attend government meetings and report on any issues that might concern the League. Observers attend meetings to learn about their community, to ensure that government meetings are conducted in the open, and to encourage the accountability of public officials. For more information about participating in our Observer Team, contact the Observer Team chair.



The Strategic Planning and Governance Committee has formed to ensure that programming, processes, and activities align with the LWVHC annual plan and work toward the goals established and intended outcomes/results. For more information or to join this committee, contact the SPG Committee chair.



The Strategic Development Committee designs a fundraising campaign vision, the steps to achieve it, and how this plan reinforces the LWVHC’s mission of Empowering Voters, Defending Democracy.  For more information or to join this committee, contact the Strategic Development Comm. chair.



This team is responsible for outreach to full-time students, 16+ years, to engage them in the work of democracy.  To continue to support the vital discussions on societal and political issues that LWV has built its reputation upon, the League needs a membership that is reflective of our communities including new and young people.  For more information or to join this team, contact the Student Engagement Team chair.



This team works to promote civics education and student participation in the election process by working in coordination with Henderson County Public Schools to have students cast informed on-line votes on candidates and issue questions appropriate to their age levels, K-12, during midterm and Presidential election years. The Students Voting for Democracy team has helped thousands of Henderson County Public School students practice voting in the 2014, 2016 and 2018 elections.  The team organizes and prepares for the 23 public schools’ mock elections in the odd-numbered years.

In 2019, the team is looking for volunteers to join us as we organize to help teachers give their students voting practice in 2020. For more information or to join this team, contact the SVFD co-chairs.



The Voter Services Committee organizes voter registrations, develops nonpartisan voter guides, educates voters about the election process, and hosts candidate forums in the community. Some of the committee members observe public meetings of the Henderson County Board of Elections. For more information or to join this committee, contact the Voter Services Team chair.




The Board of Directors forms new committees to work to support the LWVHC. With the approval of the Board, members may form a new committee to work on an issue that supports a League policy position. Contact the co-presidents for more information. Please review League policy positions. The project proposal form can serve as a useful guide for getting started.