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The League View appears weekly on Sundays in the Hendersonville Times-News.



One of the roles of local government is to keep citizens informed. Sunshine laws encourage governments at all levels to make all operational information available to citizens. Governments also have the responsibility to keep citizens informed of their rights and of information for public health and safety.
In issues of public safety, the Henderson County Office of Emergency management provides a well organized array of safety information for local citizens. There is a link to FEMA information on how to organize a household to be prepared for natural disasters. In addition to the links to preparedness information the site has a link to NCDOT travel information. The site has instruction blocks available for emergency information should those conditions exist. Be prepared, bookmark www.hcemergencyplan.org


As citizens become more proficient in technology, governments are working to increase offerings online. The Henderson County government website is offering more information and increased online services. Some of the information available under the heading of ‘Online Services’ include: directions to county government offices; view GIS maps; scan the public library catalog; review county ordinances; bid on surplus items; in addition to other services.
The County website offers links to other sources of information. The site designers have tried to anticipate questions that would be helpful to citizens and have made the site useful for many information searches. Take time to visit www.hendersoncountync.org for a great portal to local information and links to all county departments and local municipalities.


Filing for candidacy in our municipal elections has closed. All the candidate information is available on the Board of Elections website, www.hendersoncountync.org/el ections. Look over this site to be informed about the candidates who have filed in your municipality. This is also a good time to verify your eligibility as a voter. Have you changed addresses within your municipality? Or are you a new resident of one of the municipalities? The municipalities are Flat Rock Fletcher, Hendersonville, Laurel Park and Mills River. Because of the number of candidates who filed for Mayor and for the two council seats, Hendersonville will participate in Instant Runoff Voting. This process will invite the voters to vote in series for candidates by preference. This method employed on election day, November 3, eliminates the need for a primary election.


Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) will be used in the elections for Mayor and one Council Seat in the City of Hendersonville elections. In the last municipal elections Hendersonville participated in this election process designed to save money and still have citizens elect the candidate of their choice. A municipality must select this option for its election. The City of Hendersonville has opted to use Instant Runoff Voting. This means that instead of having a primary election day to reduce the field of candidates who have filed for office, the election process has been designed so that November 3 will serve as primary and general election. Come to the League of Women Voters Apple Festival booth and learn by practicing on a voting machine just how the Instant Runoff Vote functions. Representatives of the Board of Elections will be there to help voters understand this process.


Come to the League of Women Voters booth at the Apple Festival. Find representatives of the Board of Elections to help voters understand Instant Runoff Voting (IRV). This method will be used on Election Day, November 3. Voters in the City of Hendersonville will be using this method of election for the mayoral race and for the two council seats. The City of Hendersonville pre-selected this option (IRV) prior to the filing date.
To help voters in the City of Hendersonville understand this process, the League of Women Voters and the Board of Elections will be demonstrating the IRV process at the League of Women Voters’ booth at the Apple Festival. Opportunities to review the mechanics of IRV will be from Friday to Sunday evening of the Apple Festival.



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