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Guidelines for Observing Governmental Meetings

Community Governmental Meeting Schedule for Henderson County

MEMBERS: The League supports and advocates for the Sunshine Laws of 1979 which safeguard the citizens’ right to know, i.e., transparency in government and access to public records.

To do this responsibly, League members at large are always encouraged to attend local governmental and related meetings whenever possible, and always be alert to the match (or not) between what is happening and League’s positions on issues.

A more formal approach that League uses is our Observer Corps, made up of members who attend a particular meeting regularly and who fill out a report form to turn in to the coordinator and Board. This helps League know when our advocacy is needed and to act in a timely manner. The Observer Corps is crucial to a well functioning League!
Request information about our Observer Corps.


Observing as a Citizen Member At Large

  • Do attend meetings and speak as a citizen/community member if you would like to.
  • Don’t wear a League button.
  • Don’t mention League or appear to be speaking for League.

Observing as an Observer Corp Member

  • Do wear your League button and be acknowledged as an observer by the meeting chair.
  • Don’t speak at the meeting. Observe and report back.

Delivering a Public Statement on Behalf of League

  • Do wear your League button when you attend public hearings.
  • Do prepare a statement in advance and get Board approval.
  • Then sign up in advance to read the statement at the meeting.

*Need a League button? Please request one by email.

We are always looking for members to observe local governmental meetings. Use this contact for more information about League’s Observer Corps.

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