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Local Study on Boards and Committees –

Resource Documents

In the March Bulletin members received the discussion questions for our consensus. Under a separate email members have received an Executive Summary.

Members may download the study and all appendices using the links here. All are pdf files; the size is (in parentheses).

Executive Summary: “Do Appointed Public Bodies in Henderson County Encourage Citizen Participation/Democracy?” (20K)
The Study: “Advisory Committees in Henderson County” (184K)
Appendix 1: Code of Ethics (136K)
Appendix 2: Application for Appointment to Henderson County Boards and Committees (197K)
Appendix 3: Letter to Board of Commissioners (70K)
Appendix 4: Letter to Chairs of Select Boards (254K)
Appendix 5: Board of Commissioners Survey (377K)
Appendix 6: Advisory Board Member Survey (393K)
Appendix 7: Citizen Survey (397K)
Appendix 8: Boards in Category 1 (90K)
Appendix 9: Boards in Category 2 (135K)
Appendix 10: Boards in Category 3 (127K)
Appendix 11: Advisory Board Member Responses (373K)
Appendix 12: Citizen Responses (389K)
Appendix 13: Board of Commissioners Responses (373K)
Appendix 14: Transparency Summary (98K)
Appendix 15: Anecdotal Summary (74K)

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